Serving – Trading & Counter Work

In the trading sector and at service counters the focus should always be on the wishes of the customers. This means that not only an attractive offer is decisive, but also fast and – above all – just customer service. With efficient waiting-time management, this becomes a matter of course. Instead of wild shouting and gesticulations such a system establishes a clear order of priority and prevents jumping the queue. This is something the customer appreciates, and thereby ensures a nicer shopping experience. And people who enjoy their shopping ... will come again.


The employees, too, benefit from the process, which allows them to concentrate on their work instead of simultaneously having to keep an eagle-eye on who is next in line. This makes the work more pleasant and allows more time for individual customer advice.

Modern waiting-time management proves it worth at the classical butcher’s or baker’s as well as in the supermarket, where queues also frequently form at fresh-food counters, flower stalls and other shop counters. In combination with a digital-signage system this also allows effective presentation of individual advertising.

  1. Ticket Dispenser
  2. Floor Stand
  3. Patented Tear-Off Tickets
  4. Radio Transmitters
  5. Monitor


Advising – Official Bodies & Service Companies

In public authorities and official bodies things are usually busier than the visitors and employees would like. Waiting times can then be unhappily long. This creates a poorer impression of the services provided, which are otherwise often of very high quality. The aim should be to keep the visit as pleasant and as short as possible. One would like, after all, to provide information quickly and precisely, while at the same time treating all of those seeking assistance fairly and equally.


For public service centres, job agencies and licensing bodies, but also for post offices and travel agencies, a flexible and smooth-running time-management system for those waiting is therefore desirable. An automatic system is predestined in this context, since it provides relief from stress and gives a better overview.

In these segments the possibility of appointment-making has proven to be especially useful. This ensures, through advance booking, that procedures and capacities can be better planned, which helps to avoid unnecessary waiting times for the visitor. As a result, more focus is placed on the service provided.

  1. Ticket Printer With Touch Screen
  2. Individually Printed Tickets
  3. Electronic Ticket with the Smart Phone App
  4. Service Console at the Advice Point
  5. Monitor


Treating – Medicine & Care

The day-to-day work in doctors' surgeries and in hospitals is nowadays characterized by high work load and increasing time pressure. The efficiency factor is therefore becoming more and more important. Use of modern waiting-time management helps to ensure that the day-to-day procedures remain relaxed and problem-free for both the employees and the patients.


This provides understandable and structured processes, relief for the employees in making and processing appointments and a general reduction of the stress level. Even in unclear situations, as in an emergency admission unit, such a system can make a decisive contribution, so that the employees always remain in control.

Other significant aspects are the reduction in waiting times for patients and a high measure of discretion. Waiting-time management contributes towards the protection of patients' rights, since no one in the queue can "listen in". And with an app-based extension the patients need not remain in the waiting room, but can use the waiting period in some other way.

  1. Ticket Printer With Touch Screen
  2. The cleverQ Online Ticket
  3. Individually Printed Tickets
  4. Electronic Ticket with the Smart Phone App
  5. Call-Out by PC Software in the Treatment Area
  6. Monitor