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Jostling, chaos, annoyance, frustration – this is what one has when one fails to organize intelligent and efficient waiting-time management. A nightmare for users and for clients. The flexible solution for this demanding task is the modular call-out system PROXIMA from MEM-O-MATIC. Where efficiency and fairness take top priority – to the well-being of those waiting and the benefit of the users. PROXIMA can be precisely adapted to the respective processes and procedures so that optimum service quality and cost-effectiveness can be achieved.

On the basis of the varied components of the system, MEM-O-MATIC creates an individual solution for every customer, without unmet wishes. This includes professional installation and putting into operation, on-site service and a sound introduction to its application. MEM-O-MATIC has been actively and successfully marketed since 1974 and can, thanks to development of its hardware and software, also cater for special customer requirements. Upon request, the call-out system can be linked to modern solutions from the sphere of digital signage, thereby enhancing the information provided.

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The modular call-out system PROXIMA...

Ticket issue - call-out control - call-out displays - software - the modular call-out system PROXIMA is a high-value and intelligent waiting-time-management system. It contributes towards customer satisfaction by notably improving the regulated and always understandable sequence of service provided. And the modular construction of the system makes it readily adaptable to all requirements as well as highly combinable.

Ticket Issue

Ticket Issue

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Call-Out Control

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Call-Out Display



Serving, advising, treating...

With the PROXIMA system you can ensure that your everyday business runs smoothly and that everyone involved is more than satisfied. Whether your field is trading & counter work, medicine & care or officialdom & services – MEM-O-MATIC offers a future-looking service system for all areas in which people are served, advised or treated.




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Call-out systems will be used worldwide, everywhere where people are served, advised or treated. MEM-O-MATIC GmbH has worked successfully in this market since 1974. With our experience we have acquired great competence and can offer worthwhile solutions for all requirements.

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The market for call-out systems is growing steadily and, by innovative developments, can meanwhile satisfy nearly all desires. Get in touch with us and become our trading partner. Trading in call-out systems offers a lasting future in a secure and interesting segment a niche area with high success rates, given the right strategy.

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